The Top 5 Ways B2C Brands are GROWING their Social Media Engagement

Wayfair, Casper, Wholesome Culture, and Peel: Chances are one of these names rings a bell because it’s popped up on your feed through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Years ago these small companies wouldn’t dream of being able to compete with advertising budgets from big names like Coca-Cola or Nike, but now thanks to social media they’re on an equal playing field.

How did they do it you might ask? By optimizing their social media profiles,  businesses have started to generate customers directly from online sources to in-cart purchases. But it’s not always easy getting people interested in your brand. Sparking a conversation about a post isn’t as simple as posting a picture of your product with a description. There has to be a strategy behind every post that these social media-driven companies publish. Because in the end, they all have the same goal; to generate engagement.

Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes, and comments on an online business’ social media efforts. You could call it the “social” aspect of social media. Historically, engagement is a common metric for evaluating social media performance, although it does not always translate into sales. Depending on the social media platform, different metrics will be measured:

  • Facebook: Shares, likes, comments, and followers
  • Instagram: Likes, comments, and followers
  • Twitter: Re-tweets, replies, and followers
  • LinkedIn: Comments, page followers, and shares
  • Pinterest: Saves and followers

So you want to get started on generating engagement? You need to understand your followers and know what interests them. For B2C brands here are the 5 best ways for you to implement your own social strategy, and begin to bring interest and engagement to your brand.

Ask for feedback and reviews – Asking for feedback on your services or products is a great way to see what your audience thinks of you and if they understand you as a business. By sparking conversation around  feedback you can also build your Facebook review page and gain some positive attention for potential clients to see. But keep in mind that by asking for feedback you are also opening a conversation with your consumer. Reply to any feedback, good or bad. Peel phone cases do just this to gain trust in their followers and generate more conversation on their posts. They created a direct form of customer service that’s not a 1-800 number that puts you on hold for an hour. Your customers want to know that they’re valued and that they’re opinion matters, by dealing with everything publically on social media, your brand can thrive in light of both positive and negative reviews.

Share Statistics – Statistics fascinate people. When making a caption or status on your social platforms keep in mind that with statistics comes intrigue and interest. Adding a stat to a caption can interest a follower to take action and look further into the product or service you are talking about. Statistics can also strengthen your point and prove to the consumer why your product is important and necessary to buy.

Sponsor giveaways – Fabletics is a well known internet-based athletic apparel company and a lover of an Instagram giveaway. One of their most recent promotions landed their post over 7,500 likes. All that was required was to like the image, tag a friend, and follow the Fabletics account for a chance to win the “Ultimate Sunday Self Care Package“. Giveaways are an excellent way to generate engagement because who doesn’t like free stuff? By simply asking your followers to tag, comment, or follow for the chance to win a product you will open doors to  new potential audience members who may have never have heard of your brand before.

Use live videos – We all remember April the giraffe, the pregnant giraffe from the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville NY who had her very own live stream that people tuned into in hopes of witnessing her giving birth. This stream reached over 20 million views. It has shown that video is much more effective when looking to increase engagement than any image or clever captions – and now with live streaming as an option on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the engagement rates have shown to be 3 times more effective than traditional posts.

Ask for a reaction– One of the most overlooked ways to build engagement is easy – simply ask. All successful social platforms ask people to share, like, comment, or tag. Asos, an online apparel company, asks their followers to use the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe when they post a picture where they’re wearing Asos appeal. What they offer in return is the possibility of being featured on the Asos page.

But how do you know if it’s working? Watch and study your analytics, if you find an increase in engagement after implementing a tactic, you are learning more about your audience and what they like. It’s a learning process and takes time but once you’ve mastered what works you to will start giving Coca-Cola and Nike a run for their money.

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting a product or endorsing a service, It has been proven through social media-driven companies that when you provoke emotions in an audience you will receive a reaction. Implementing these specific tactics of feedback, statistics, giveaways, live video, or requests will instantly increase engagement on any social platform and have people talking about your brand.  

Author: Brooke


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