Learn How This Fashion Brand Converts Social Likes Into Sales

Girls just wanna have SUN.

Type #triangl into your Instagram search bar and you’ll find thousands of results, ranging from flat-lay bikini photos to sun-kissed women flaunting their beach hair in stylish bathing suits. The brand is notoriously known for their bright colours, special neoprene material, unique designs, beautiful models, and genius social media campaigns.

Triangl is an Australian based startup, founded in 2012 when the creators (and couple) found a gap in the swimwear market. The market was monopolized by surfwear and designer brands selling bathing suits well over $200. Erin Deering and Craig Ellis decided to design a line of neoprene swimwear to disrupt the costly suits while upholding equal quality. Neither of them had any working experience in the fashion industry and Erin previously worked for e-commerce labels that did things ‘the traditional way’. Together, they were challenged to market their brand with a bootstrapped budget, meaning no marketing agencies for promotion purposes and no paid internships to grow their online reputation. Even at the expense of six blog posts, their budget was maxed out for marketing.

They were one of the first fashion brands to rely on Instagram, instilling a strategic influencer marketing campaign to make a splash. They relied on celebrities like Kendall Jenner (who reached out to the company), Miley Cyrus and Beyonce. The brand’s first success using influencers and celebrities alike came from what is seen pictured below – Triangl sent Kendall Jenner a handful of bikinis – which she tweeted about – and was spotted on a friends Instagram page wearing the product days after.

During an interview, Erin was asked: “how does it feel to have some of the world’s most influential women rocking your swimwear?” Her response was simple, “It’s really encouraging to see girls, whether it’s bloggers, celebs or anyone on Instagram loving their Triangl bikinis. I do get just as excited seeing our customers in Triangl, especially when you’re out at a beach and see them wearing it.”

After Kendall’s social media post, Triangl sales had increased massively. With this growing momentum, Triangl later turned to Instagram users who fit their target demographic and eventually utilized micro-influencers to expand their brand reach online. In a short period of time, they were able to provide these micro-influencers with a noncommittal gifting program – a bathing suit, in exchange for a social media post. This simple initiative generated a large following and increased interest in their social media, which resulted in ‘likes’ leading to sales’. 

Below, is a flat-lay photo featured on @lauralynnsworld’s Instagram page, who has 22.4K followers – all for the exchange of  a bathing suit for a social media post and brand promotion.

Today, Triangl is focused on building the #trianglgirls community, which is not only targeted towards Instagram influencers but also to their everyday clients. By using this hashtag, Triangl has the ability to repost your photo on their account, incentivizing other customers to join in. In terms of fashion and design, Triangl plans on changing nothing in the near future. Their latest line of swimwear features one-pieces, velvet material, and new styles – only more incentive to post these beautiful pieces

Triangl sells over 50,000 bikinis a month and has 2.8m followers on Instagram. Triangl has excelled at taking advantage of the potential that influencer marketing has for startup fashion brands, and we cannot wait to see what they do next!

The three major things to learn from Triangl:

  1. You can sell your products without a budget
    How? Influencer Marketing. By finding the right influencers to promote your brand, and creating meaningful relationships with them, you don’t need to have additional funds for marketing purposes.
  2. Social selling still works
    Focus on finding influencers to appeal to your target audience – anywhere from social influencers to celebrities. Anything to build brand awareness. By providing influencers with free swimsuits, users generated a large following on social media. The power of influence proved that females on Instagram had they ability to transform social media likes into sales.
  3. Build your brand like you would build a community
    The #trianglgirls community has allowed for users to connect with one another, as well as the opportunity for the brand to repost customer photos. This post will be exposed to thousands, if not millions of people, leading to free advertising for both parties involved – the perfect social media win!


Author: Lauren De Cloet


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