Benefits of Using a Landing Page for your Digital Campaign

You’ve narrowed down exactly what you want to explore in your digital marketing campaign, and now it’s time to execute it. From a user experience perspective, you have to map out what the user’s journey will be like in order to find the best way to optimize your content. When we talk about a l

Best Ways to Pay Influencers When You Have a Small Budget

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, I’m sure you realize the importance of influencer marketing by now. Not only is it great for creating brand awareness, but a successful campaign can also boost sales and grow a followership on social media. Due to its growing popularity, influ

Top 3 Trends to Add to Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

appy 2019! With one month into this year, we know you are planning for upcoming marketing campaigns. There are specific things that you should keep in mind when preparing for this fresh start. We know you want to get as many eyes on your campaigns as possible. There’s always a need to identify whe

5 Steps to Digitizing your Business

If you’re not already online and active, you’re most likely a few steps behind your competitors. While digitizing your business is important in 2018, it’s also important to make sure if you’re going to start, you have to keep up online. Here are 5 simple steps to digitizing your business: On

Why AdHod Marketing is Killing your Business

Marketing is often the first department to be blamed for poor results and wasted budget. It’s more important than ever to be able to track your online activities to prove what’s working and what’s not. We’re here to help you be one step ahead of the game – telling you exactly why AdHoc

6 Simple Tips When Building a Marketing Strategy

Building a marketing strategy sounds easy to begin with, but half way through you may be questioning your goals, audience and the ad-hoc marketing you once did. Here are 6 simple tips to easy you mind and help you when building a marketing strategy. One: Know your business goals Everything marketing

10 Simple Methods to GROW Your Email List

If you’ve heard and believed that email marketing is dead, think again. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your audience. Businesses of all sizes can reach and engage their audience via email and it’s essential to any marketing strategy because it’s cost effe