Benefits of Using a Landing Page for your Digital Campaign

You’ve narrowed down exactly what you want to explore in your digital marketing campaign, and now it’s time to execute it. From a user experience perspective, you have to map out what the user’s journey will be like in order to find the best way to optimize your content. When we talk about a landing page, we’re referencing a page that the user lands on through a digital campaign. Think about campaigns you have encountered – did the website link lead you to the exact content you were looking for? Was the content comprehensive enough? Could you click through to learn more if you wanted to? Keep these at the front of your mind when you’re designing your landing page for your campaign, and while we explore how to influence your digital marketing strategy.

Centralized Content

With digital marketing saturating every corner of the internet, you want to make the experience the best that we can for the user. Having a landing page directs the user straight to the content you want to see. You probably grabbed their attention from a Google ad, article page, or from somewhere on social media, and now you want to keep them involved in your campaign. You’ve captured your lead and now they’re directed to one page. It’s time to make this page have everything you need to keep them engaged. Add your call-to-actions (CTAs) to be able to measure your conversion rates over the course of your campaign. Having one place to drive your audience to will allow for a better way to keep them engaged and measure conversions effectively.

Better Tracking & Data

Instead of having many web pages that your ads reflect in your campaign, having a landing page centralizes the content into one spot. Driving your audience to one page allows you to more accurately interpret your data and measure insights. Consider this: if everyone is being steered towards the same content, you can see how different users engage with it. Here you can track demographic information that may show who are more likely to click through, if you’re hitting your target business audiences or whether the interest fades immediately and they bounce off the page. These insights give you a better understanding of what content works, and where you can adjust moving forward in your campaign. Without a particular landing page, you won’t be comparing apples to apples – you might be looking at different webpages, with different styles, content, and layout, which isn’t a fair assessment.

Create an Ecosystem

Having a landing page is prime opportunity for you to link out to more content for a user to flow through. Not only are you able to drive all of them to one place, but then they have equal opportunity to engage with further content. This might be a list of blog posts, articles, or further details of your event that a user can click on. This goes back to your data – you can then learn which content is the most engaging, and where you can improve.

This process is similar to backlinking and getting your audience to stick around for more content. Particularly, if most users are clicking for more information in a certain area, you know that that content is the most interesting or important, and maybe you want it to be the first thing they see when they click through. Use this opportunity to make yourself shine. You’ve got your users in one place, now keep them engaged in your ecosystem.

Improve your Rankings

With the work that you’re putting into our digital campaign, it would be a shame if your content wasn’t seen. Using a landing page can help your rankings on Google, as well through search engine optimization (SEO). Google recommends using a landing page to help navigate the user more seamlessly – it’s a direct way for them to receive the content that they are looking for. Setting up your landing page has this effect of placing content at the forefront, but also gives you better ad visibility so you can increase traffic to your website. Similarly, using SEO techniques on your landing page will encourage your ads to be right where the user needs to see them. This way you can convert and drive more traffic, even organically. Keep yourself relevant and in top rankings through using a landing page for your digital campaign.

Increased Brand Awareness

We all know that everything you put out there is a reflection of our brand, but you should always use this to our advantage. When using a landing page for your digital campaign, you have the opportunity to increase brand awareness. Use this as a way to hammer home some of your most important brand reputational elements that you would like to coincide with your campaign.

Think about a digital campaign from a software company trying to get sign-ups for a conference they’re hosting – you can use your landing page as a way to display a CTA to your sign-up form, but also frame the page to show your leadership in your industry. You could add content that shows that you’re the top company in your geographical area for your industry, and provide further reasons as to why the user should sign-up for your conference, all while leaving a lasting impression that your brand aligns with greatness.

Now that you’ve spent time perfecting your digital strategy, and want to pump out some digital campaigns, you have to know where to start and how to progress. We sometimes can get wrapped up in our corner of the internet and need a reality check as to what is actually working, and what needs improvement. Through using a landing page, always remember to keep documenting, tracking and updating your content for the best possible outcome to your campaign. We want your campaign to get your point out there, increase your brand awareness, but most importantly, shine! Good luck with your digital campaign and don’t forget a landing page.

Author: Maria Morrone


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