5 Steps to Digitizing your Business

If you’re not already online and active, you’re most likely a few steps behind your competitors. While digitizing your business is important in 2018, it’s also important to make sure if you’re going to start, you have to keep up online. Here are 5 simple steps to digitizing your business:

One: Familiarize yourself with understanding the basics of SEO

Search engine optimization should be the basis of all of your marketing activities. Create a list of keywords and treat them as your north star. Every marketing activity and piece of content you put out online should follow the basic undertakings of your SEO keyword list. Whether it be a blog post, video or page on your website, make sure you’re not only talking about relevant things to your audience, but also targeted topics that will help you become thought leader in your industry. And remember, people buy from people, so authenticity in your thought leadership pieces is key.

Two: Know where your audience hangs out online and start there

Don’t be on Instagram when your audience is on Facebook. Trends come and go but certain audiences depending on your demographics, age or occupation ‘hang out’ on different platforms and digest information differently. Make sure you’re on the right platforms and in the right space with your audience. Become a part of the conversation by asking questions and familiarizing yourself on the topics before pushing your own brand or business. Understanding how they digest information (i.e. video vs. blog) is key to your content calendar but also your interactions online with your audience.

Three: Make a budget and stick to it

Justifying marketing budget can be tough in the beginning, but understanding the ROI and to carefully allocate your budget – whether big or small – is important to investing in a more digital and ‘always-on’ online presence. With recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, organic reach is nearly impossible. Adding advertising budget behind blog posts, videos, and other boosted content will help with the amount of eyes that see your branded content. While getting more impressions and reach more people is important, it’s also detrimental to be tracking everything you push out. Have a clear marketing funnel from impressions to reach to click through to your website to form submissions to sales leads, etc. The list could go on, but understanding your customer journey and where a few marketing dollars return the most results will help convert more online audience members to in-person (or digital) sales.

Four: Work with others to pump out more content and become even more active online

What if we told you that by writing 1 blog post could get you 10 in return? Working with groups of like minded marketers and other industry leaders can be a great way to return a couple blog posts for many! In addition, hosting information from similar industry leaders can spread your coverage on social media by tagging them in your marketing push. Try to find companies and outlets that complement your brand or business and build long-term relationships for continued marketing reach.

Five: Come up with a routine that works for you

More often than not, you hear “I need more time” not “I need more budget”. Finding time to add a new activity to your daily routine is tough. Whether it’s worth your time to discover somebody new to add to your team to help digitalize or if you can swap in traditional marketing practices making time for the shift to digital – weigh the pros and cons before you build out a solid plan. Using tools like buffer and WordPress scheduler can help make an ongoing digitized plan easier to maintain. By investing up-front time at the beginning of each month, you can build out content, updates and workflows that will help manage your digital presence a bit easier.

While digitizing your business may seem overwhelming at first, it’s the small changes everyday that can make a large impact on your digital strategy. Start small and grow big with new additions to your team or by evaluating traditional activities that need to be let go of.

Author: Brooke


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